Hi There,

Many thanks for participating in our 10,000 euro giveaway offer.

There are three steps to our offer.

1. This is an December 2018 offer. That means, you must undertake the selection and shoot before the end of December. If not, then the offer will lapse. So please select a day and time that suits you all, for the shoot. Its a full studio sitting, where we take about 30/40 photographs of the family, kids, any grandparents, small family pet etc etc. whatever you like.

2. You must also select a date, a few days later, to come back and view the portraits taken. Only the decision makers, the adults, are required here. So it can be working hours, lunch hour or after work, after 6pm, if that suits. It lasts about 30 minutes. We do not send proofs, or upload to websites etc. for people to select. As the quality is so inferior, that people are unable to see their preferred. You must come to the studio.

At this time, you will see all the photographs taken and you are free to choose one portrait that you prefer, free of charge. It will be printed to an A5 size.

So, you get, completely free, a full studio shoot and a free A5 size portrait.

3. If you wish, you can choose additional portraits, but you are not obliged to. If you do, the 100.00 credit can be used towards this order. Our packages start at 250.00. Less the 100.00 credit. So there will be an extra cost to you. If you decide to select more portraits.

We have many other packages etc. we can show you, if you’re interested. Alternatively, you can have the shoot and the free portrait without any obligation.

We have limited dates available, so please, as soon as you can :

A. email me your preferred dates and times. Two dates, one for the shoot and one for the viewing.
B. Your name and mobile, we have your address.
C. How many will be in your group, adults, children and kids ages.

Email A, B. & C to ……. breda@yannstudios.com

Dont miss out,


Yann Studios Photography
Unit 3/4
Tuam Road Retail Centre
Tuam Road

T: 091 757983
E: breda@localhost

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