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Family Photos to Remember

Having the family photos taken in a fun day for all the family. Get your family photos taken every year and watch your children grow up. You don’t tent to notice how much they change until you see them in a series of good photograph taken over several years. Make it an annual event and chart their progress with us.

Most people enjoy looking at old family photos and often the older the better. You would imagine how it would have been to live in those times. It helps to give you a sense of belonging to your family and that you have a connection to the past and gives you a place in history.

Keeping a visual record of your family is important for many reasons and is your responsibility. Who else is going to do it? You will be handing them down to your descendants who will wonder how life was for you today. It’s not difficult to capture these moments if you take the time to engage the right photographer who understands the value of the family legacy.

Professional family photographers understand that some moments never repeat themselves for various reasons. Whether your son is blowing a kiss at his mother or your daughter is hugging her father, the family photographer is quick to capture these moments that will be so cherished in the family history.

Give the gift of history to future generations by having a family portrait session today.

Preparing for your family portrait.

1. Phone us at: 091 757973

2. We will schedule your shoot: Make sure to consider everyone’s timetable and try not to plan your session at busy times of the day or week so you don’t feel rushed.

3. Clothing and the Weather: Decide on the clothing that you want to wear to look your best, the way that you want to present yourself to the coming generations. The weather on your way to our studio may not suit these clothes, so dress for the weather and bring them with you and you can change here at the studio before the shoot.

4. Pick a location: You can, of course have your family photos taken at our studio or at home, but not everyone wants to do that. If you already don’t have an idea of where you’d like to have your family portrait session, we can suggest some good places to visit in your area.

5. Make your photo session a fun day for the family: Get the little ones excited for their photo shoot! Take the family out to lunch or dinner before or after the shoot. Make the whole day a fun day so everyone is in good spirits. Try bringing your child’s favourite toy or other significant items during your family session. This helps children feel more comfortable when they are surrounded by familiar items.