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Graduation Photographs

Your college graduation day is one of the biggest days of your life. For one day it will all be about you and your huge achievement. You graduated. You worked hard for it and it wasn’t easy. So put on your gown & mortar board and your best smile and be glad that you have the best photographer available looking after those memories for you.

You and your friends and family can take some photos here and there throughout the day, but are they of a standard that you will be able to hang in the sitting room and admire or will they have camera shake and be badly crooked and composed. Anyway, you will be far too busy enjoying the day and being congratulated by everyone you meet to worry about taking photographs. Also, you want to be in them not behind the camera, right? There is nothing like a good photograph taken by a professional photographer.

You can be confident of professional results in capturing those all important moments when our photographer is on the job.

If would like to capture some shots all yourself, be choosy about what you shoot. You should not need to spend the day taking photos and or annoying people asking them to take photos of you and your friends with your camera. It’s your day, and after all, you are the focal point of your graduation ceremony.

Proper composition of the photos of you in your gown is important.  A full-length shot will convey a strong sense of power and achievement compared to a half-body shot. Formal portraits are best preserved through framing them professionally, a service that the best photographers can provide. Apart from your graduation photographs, your certificates can also be framed. Your mother will want to show them to everybody who sets foot in the house and you may want to display these in your office when you get the big job, so you will want them looking their best.

Tips for taking your own shots on the day. Remember what the subject of the shot is and make it obvious. But, you may like to include a shot or two with a recognisable part of the college in the background too. For the long shot adjust the camera zooms to cover the essentials. For your archive, sort out the photos you and your parents would like to hang on the walls and which will be in the family album, CD/DVD version, album for visitors and your relatives and finally for the version you want to share on your social networking sites. They may not all be the same.

To make your graduation photos shine even brighter, you can rely on our professional service to create framed photos, artistic effects, certificate frames, elegantly designed montages and lot more. Finally, we will keep both a digital version of your photos for preservation, in case you need them again sometime in the future.

Your graduation photos are undoubtedly precious to you and a little planning and few simple steps can save later regret. Make your precious graduation photos a part of your preserved memory with our help.